“Guilty . . . “


I walked upon the mountain fair

The trees they swayed and sang,

I believed the world was perfect there,

My heart had shed its pang.


The animals seemed so joyous,

The falls caressed my soul,

Lost in blissful rapture

I had forgotten about the coal.


To reach the top my mission,

The view would be profound,

Only green for miles and miles

Just wind and birds the sound.


But the top had long been gone,

Stripped to light this screen,

And I fell to my knees in tears

For my guilt in killing this dream.



Keep Soaring,

Rising Hawk

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9 thoughts on ““Guilty . . . “

    • Yes, we are. And if Lions were as smart as us, with thumbs and our ego, they would be the rapists instead of us. I haven’t done any rhyming poetry in a while – how’d I do? :) Peace . . .

      • Well technically it has a good consistent rhythm, makes reading much easier. The rhyming is unstrained, also a big plus. Honestly though, I read for content. Had to go back and reread it even for that little critique. I was focused more on your idea, which clearly resonates with me (as my dear writer sister would say). Oh yea, fellow hick, forgot. Ya done good! Lol ;) Peace.

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